To all our beloved ones around the world,

Salaam alaykum wa rahmatollahi wa barakatoh,
With the start of 2018, we pray the Almighty Allah swt that the coming year is better than the past year, and be the best of the years for all our beloved ones around the world, and especially the ones suffering in Myanmar, Yemen, many countries in Africa, South America, and elsewhere around the world. And may Allah swt bless you all with more dedication, education, enlightenment and perfection through the howza studies in the coming years, so that you can support our beloved awaiting Imam ALQAEM (AF) in his occultation and after his appearance in his peaceful efforts to bring justice and peace in the world. AMEN!

Summary policy:
Rather than submitting 300 words for each summary, the student will be required to submit a summary of no less than 2500 words and no more than 3000 words. Once the summary is submitted on the website, the examiner will decide that you can take the exam or you need to clear some misunderstandings.

Examination policy:
At the moment all the examinations are conducted through email and are open book time-limited, such will continue until further notice. the passing mark in most cases is 90% in normal cases, if a student fails, he/she will be given another chance. After the second attempt, the student is required to rewrite the summary of the course again and it should not be the copy paste of the previous summary submitted. It should be inclusive of the parts that were missed out in the previous summary and answering the questions unanswered properly in the test. We trust that our students are God-fearing and learn for the sake of Almighty swt, thus, giving them the benefit of doubt, we eliminate any probability of plagiarism.

However, in the final year, after completing the 1000 hours successfully, there will be a proctor based sit-examination in the closest Islamic centers with the coordination of the religious scholar there, besides that, there will be a graduation assignment, where the student will be required to write a topic using most of the skills learned in the ALQAEM HOWZA program integrating the analytical skills in the essay, moreover, the student will require giving a presentation of the essay in 60 minutes to a live video audience of some of the Howaza studnets. (more detailed will be provided upon completion of the 1000 hours).
Once the student is must inform the examiner once ready to take the exam by emailing through system notification button

Course taking policy:
The yearly sequence of taking courses will continue, that means, that a student can not take the courses of the next year or later years before completing the first year courses. However, among the one-year courses, a student can start with a course of interest such as FIQH or TAFSEER,... and not maintain the sequence as long as there is no reliance of one course on another. All the students are required to take the introduction to the howza studies before taking any courses. As for the dependency and approval of random courses, one must contact the director of the program at

For any other questions or clarifications pls contact

We pray that our beloved students the shayks and the shaykaats of future will enjoy learning and benefit others from their enlightenment.

Please keep all our beloved ones around the world in your duas.

May you all be blessed in 2018.
Salaam alaykum.
Safdar Razi Master
The Director and The Instructor of ALQAEM AJ HOWZA.